Latinos Killed by Police

Cause of Death of Latinos in the US, 2013-2015
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Date of Death
News Story
Cause of Death
Aaron Valdez11/3/15
Adam O'Neal Reinhart7/3/15
Adolfo Ramirez23/11/2013
Adrian Hernandez27/3/15
Adrian Montesano10/12/2013
Adrian Simental21/6/15
Adrian Solis26/3/15
Adrian Suarez17/10/2013
Albert Manuel Vasquez28/11/2013
Alberto Cornelio Morales09/08/2014
Alberto F. Valdes09/05/2013
Alejandro Cordero Rivera04/12/2014
Alejandro Fernandez6/6/15
Alejandro Nieto21/03/2014
Alejandro Salazar20/2/15ShootingTexas
Alex Alvarado22/08/2014
Alex Cora DeJesus15/08/2013 Hampshire
Alexander Rivera30/5/15ShootingTennessee
Alfred San Antonio04/11/2013
Alfredo Rials-Torres19/5/2015
Allen Hernandez21/6/15 ConfrontationIdaho
Amilcar Perez-Lopez27/2/15
Andres D. Lara-Rodriguez13/2/15
Andres Morales27/06/2014 York
Andy Lopez23/10/2013
Andy Martinez9/1/15
Angel Cordero10/07/2013 York
Angel Cresencio Corona Jr.10/4/15
Angel Frescas28/10/2014
Angel Ruiz21/03/2014
Anthony Giaquinta23/2/15
Anthony Jacob Chavez02/07/2014 Mexico
Antonio Guzman Lopez21/02/2014
Antonio Mestas21/01/2014
Antonio Perez13/3/15
Antonio Zambrano-Montes10/2/15
Arcenio Lujan09/05/2014 Mexico
Armando Noeh Aleman13/07/2014
Armondo Ochoa07/10/2014
Arnesto Ramos07/05/2014
Arturo Jorge Guzman28/10/2013
Aurelio V. Duarte8/3/15
Austin Del Castillo18/09/2013
Benito Gonzales08/09/2014
Benito Osorio11/3/15
Benjamin Quezada31/3/15
Brian Phillip Tacadena02/09/2013
Carey Smith-Viramontes21/11/2014
Carlos D. Oquendo07/05/2013,0,576046.storyShootingFlorida
Carlos Fuentes20/09/2013
Carlos Hernandez20/06/2014
Carlos Manuel Perez Jr.12/11/2014
Carlos Mejia20/05/2014
Carlos Oliva-Sola10/09/2013
Carlos Saavedra Ramirez22/4/15
Carlos Saenz01/11/2013
Cedric Ramirez02/08/2014
Celin Nunez13/4/15ShootingTexas
Cesar Enriquez12/5/15
Cesar Javier Cepeda22/10/2014
Cesar Juarez3/7/15
Cesar Mendoza23/06/2013
Charles Edward Morales30/07/2013
Christian Alberto Sierra24/05/2014
Christian Siqueiros3/7/15
Christoval Quintana21/10/2013 Mexico
Corsini Valdes10/12/2013
Damien Ramirez6/6/15
Daniel Brumley17/1/15
Daniel Ibarra29/04/2014
Daniel Mejia15/2/15
Daniel Richard Vasquez10/09/2013
Daniel Torres14/12/2014
Danny Christian Molina18/05/2014
David "Dizzy" Martinez15/05/2013
David Cuevas26/2/15
David Gandara21/5/15ShootingTexas
David Garcia30/06/2013
David Sarabia6/7/15
Delbert Rodriguez Gutierrez10/12/2014 by vehicleFlorida
Denis Reyes15/5/2015 York
Dennis Hakeen Vasquez28/08/2013
Dixon Rodriguez04/12/2013 Jersey
Domingo Soto07/09/2013
Edelmiro Hernandez3/6/15
Edgar Amaro L�opez24/10/2014
Edixon Franco10/3/15ShootingCalifornia
Eduardo Bermundez16/11/2014
Eduardo Rodriguez27/03/2014
Elias Cavazos17/4/15
Elizabeth Arellano Renteria01/12/2013 by vehicleFlorida
Elvin Diaz21/5/15ShootingNew Jersey
Emilio Solis29/07/2014
Enebelio Garcia30/08/2014
Eric Marquez03/08/2013,0,2845293.storyShootingCalifornia
Erick Balint25/09/2013
Erick Emmanuel Salas Sanchez30/4/15
Ernesto Flores15/4/15
Ernesto Javier Canepa Diaz27/2/15
Eulizez Rodriguez22/08/2013
Ever Ramon Martinez10/04/2014
Felix Valdez18/10/2013
Fernando Escovedo30/11/2014
Fernando Gomez14/10/2013 GunTexas
Francisco "David" Galvez02/11/2014 by vehicleArizona
Francisco Manuel Cesena25/12/2014 GunCalifornia
Frank Alvarado10/07/2014
Frank Mendoza02/08/2014
Fredi Morales14/09/2014 by vehicleIllinois
Gabriel Lopez12/08/2014
Gabriel Sanchez Velasquez17/01/2014
George Armando Ramirez13/11/2014
Gerardo Diego Ayala30/05/2013,0,1654613.storyShootingCalifornia
German Dominguez Mata07/07/2013
Gilbert Renteria Jr.17/07/2014
Gilbert Reyna03/12/2014
Guadalupe Esquivel25/08/2014
Guadalupe Manzo-Ochoa09/12/2014
Guillermo Pablo Cedano21/05/2013
Gustavo Segura Acosta22/09/2014
Hans Arellano30/07/2013
Hector Chairez20/03/2014
Hector Hernandez07/04/2014
Hector Jimenez13/09/2013
Hector Leija07/08/2013 Mexico
Hector Morejon24/4/15
Henry Castoreno17/12/2014
Hilda Medrano12/01/2013 by vehicleFlorida
Ignacio Ochoa15/05/2013
Isaac Jimenez13/4/15
Ismael Maria-Acevedo02/09/2013
Israel Hernandez07/08/2013 GunFlorida
Ivan Romero10/05/2013 by vehicleMinnesota
Izzy Colon4/2/15
Jack Jacquez12/10/2014
Jaime Benavidez01/09/2013
Jaime Garcia01/11/2014 ConfrontationCalifornia
Jairo Armando Pedraza04/04/2014,0,7532177.storyShootingCalifornia
James Richard Jimenez13/3/15
Jamie Ceballos30/08/2013
Jason Lopez14/11/2013 ConfrontationTexas
Javier Mendez13/02/2014,0,2497116.storyShootingCalifornia
Jeanette Anaya07/11/2013 Mexico
Jeremy Bustos23/10/2014
Jesse Avina Morales28/08/2013
Jessica Gonzalez23/06/2013
Jessica Hernandez26/1/15
Jesus Chacon23/04/2014
Jesus Flores Cruz18/02/2014
Jesus Gomez5/6/15
Jesus Rodriguez2/2/15
Jesus Zuriel Orduno Luviano03/11/2014
Joaquin Cibrian23/07/2014
Joaquin Hernandez4/2/15
Joe Cisneros26/6/15
Joe Hernandez13/06/2014
John Chavez05/08/2013 Mexico
John Martin Whittaker10/2/15
John Paul Quintero3/1/15
Johnny Joseph Martinez14/10/2014
Johnny Martizez04/10/2014
Jonas Alonzo29/06/2013
Jonathan Demarco16/06/2013
Jonathan Kane Garay05/10/2013,0,3364317.storyShootingPennsylvania
Jonathen Anthony Santellana14/11/2013
Jorge Abraham Zarazua-Rubio15/06/2013
Jorge Azucena24/10/2013,0,6708517.storyOtherCalifornia
Jorge Ramirez19/09/2013
Jorge Trejo09/11/2014
Jose Adan Cruz Ocampo27/07/2013 Carolina
Jose Angel Garcia Jauregui31/01/2014
Jose Antonio Espinoza Ruiz23/1/15
Jose Avalos13/11/2014
Jose Calzada21/10/2014
Jose Cardenas22/06/2014
Jose Ceja15/1/15
Jose E. Herrera22/4/15
Jose Estrada02/07/2013
Jose Franco09/07/2014 GunTexas
Jose Graciano Lopez7/7/15
Jose Guerrero17/10/2013
Jose Jovanny Mendoza23/11/2013
Jose Luis Arambula02/06/2014
Jose Manuel Gonzalez11/08/2014
Jose Muniz20/06/2013 ConfrontationNew York
Jose Paulino, Jr.08/08/2014 GunPennsylvania
Jose Quinonez06/11/2013 Jersey
Jose Raul Herrera11/05/2014
Jose Reyes Torres07/08/2014
Jose Rodriquez-Moncada09/05/2014
Jose Salas22/12/2014 Mexico
Joseph Moreno30/05/2013 GunArizona
Joshua Deysie29/4/15
Joshua Omar Garcia26/1/15
Josue Fuentes09/11/2014
Jos� Walter Garza30/08/2014
Juan Carlos Ruelas04/09/2013
Juan Jose Enriquez24/11/2014
Juan Luis Acuna26/07/2013
Julian Magdaleno20/10/2014

More than 54% of Latinos killed this year did not carry a firearm, and about 22% of them were unarmed. 

This compares to about 16% of unarmed white people.

Despite these numbers, killings of latinos have yet to gather the same outcry and condemnation as their black counterparts, such as Eric Garner and Michael Brown. 

Was the deceased armed? 

Mosaic View of Latinos Killed, 2013-2015

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